The incredible ways Brazilian agribusiness powers sustainable growth

The Brazilian agricultural sector is well-known for its crucial role in food production, providing enough food to feed over 1.9 billion people every year. But its contribution to society goes far beyond that. In this article, we’ll examine how Brazilian agribusiness positively impacts sustainability, diversifies the energy mix, produces fibers, artifacts, and sustainable fuels, and […]


CNA and diplomats discuss the Rural Environmental Registry

On Thursday (June 29), CNA held a meeting with members of foreign embassies, who are part of the group Diplomats of Brazilian Agriculture (DAB), to discuss the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR) and its role in complying with the Brazilian Forest Code. This year’s second meeting was held at CNA’s headquarters in Brasilia. It was attended […]


Brazilian agricultural exports reach US$ 16.6 billion in May 2023

The Brazilian agribusiness trade balance data for May show how our exports keep growing year after year. This month, the value of goods traded abroad reached US$ 16.6 billion, a 10% increase when compared to the same period in 2022. The results compensated for a decreasing trend of the entire Brazilian trade balance. In all, […]


Brazilian farmers visit Israel in search of new technologies

A group of rural leaders landed in Israel in June for a technical mission. The 40 participants went to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the Negev Desert, and other regions. The goal was to learn about the innovations and technologies used in agricultural production in the country. The event was promoted by the Agriculture Federation of the […]


For more women in agribusiness and foreign trade

The Brazilian agricultural and livestock sector was responsible for 25% of the country’s GDP in 2022, but how much of such a large sector is led by women’s hands? Understanding the reality of women’s work in agriculture and cattle raising is essential to increase women’s participation in the sector and promote gender equality. The issue […]


The family who crossed Brazil to change realities through agriculture

Brazil is a country of continental proportions. For this reason, it is very usual for families to travel long distances in search of better life opportunities. This was the case of the Schmidt family, which has a history of persistence, pioneering spirit, and courage to turn a new region into a reference in food production. […]


Brazil has the best olive oil in the Southern Hemisphere

The best olive oil produced in the Southern Hemisphere is Brazilian. The oil, produced on the Serra dos Tapes Farm, was acknowledged by the Mario Solinas Quality Awards, an unprecedented achievement for the country. The award is an initiative of the International Olive Oil Council (IOC) since 2000 and is considered the most significant in […]


The beekeeper who had his life changed with SENAR training

Brazilian beekeeper Otávio de Jesus Alves, 39, has a big smile on his face. At first glance, it is hard to believe that he and his wife, Nice, went through so many hardships to feed their three children. A resident of the small town of Ruy Barbosa, in Bahia state, northeastern Brazil, he lived off […]


The ways of future agriculture and cattle-raising

The possible changes in the agribusiness chain in the coming decades have been debated concerning climate change, circular bioeconomy, new trade contexts between countries, consumption trends, and especially the impacts of the Fourth Technological Evolution linked to the production of food, fibers, and energy—the so-called Agro 4.0—, which will encompass the other aspects of change. […]


Brazilian coconut bee pollen conquers the international market

Bee2Be, a leading Brazilian company specializing in bee and honey products, has recently concluded a successful shipment of 800 kg of coconut bee pollen to the United States. This superfood has become popular in sports and health-conscious communities in the US, and Brazilian coconut bee pollen has been drawing the attention of international consumers. With […]


Training and technical assistance enhance sheep raising in Brazil

Tauana Santana and Altiere Oliveira are young sheep ranchers from the city of Candeal, in Bahia state, Northeast Brazil. The couple invested in production and, despite the will to grow, they still found it difficult to make the work bring more benefits to their family’s quality of life. That was when SENAR’s Technical and Managerial […]


Brazilian agricultural exports reach US$ 14.7 billion in April 2023

The Brazilian agribusiness trade balance data for April are now available. That month, the value of goods traded abroad reached US$ 14.7 billion, a 1% decrease when compared to the same period in 2022. The results followed a shrinking trend of the entire Brazilian exports. At the month’s end, agriculture and livestock products had a […]