Brazilian agribusiness breaks export record in 2023


Brazilian agribusiness exports hit a record in 2023, reaching US$ 166.55 billion. The amount was 4.8% higher than in 2022, which represents an increase of US$ 7.68 billion. In all, agribusiness accounted for 49% of Brazil’s total exports in 2023; in 2022, the share was 47.5%.
The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAPA) highlights that this remarkable performance was driven predominantly by an increase in shipped quantities. Brazil’s grain exports were particularly impressive, totaling 193.02 million tons, up 24.3% from 155.30 million tons in 2022, aligning closely with the record 2022-23 grain harvest of 319.86 million tons as estimated by the National Supply Company.
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Highlighting Key Export Sectors

The export scenario saw significant growth across various sectors. Not only did grain exports surge by nearly 40 million tons, but other segments also saw substantial increases, with meat, sugar, juices, fruits, and leather products exceeding US$ 1 billion in exports. Soy products led the way in agribusiness export growth, followed by sugar and alcohol, cereals, flour, and food preparations, contributing significantly to Brazil’s export economy.
The top export value sectors included soy products, meat, sugar and alcohol, cereals, flour, and forestry products, together accounting for 82.9% of agribusiness sales in 2023.
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