Healthy harvest: Brazilian fruit exports surge

The global urge for a healthier diet packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals has boosted Brazilian exports of fresh and healthy products. The 19% increase in turnover and the 2% increase in volume in the last semester reflect favorable weather and a diversity of ecosystems that allow fresh fruit to be grown throughout the year. […]



CNA Young Farmers: Future Leaders in Agriculture

For the past ten years, the National Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA) and the National Rural Apprenticeship Service (SENAR) have led the transformative initiative CNA Young Farmers. This strategic program has been instrumental in promoting entrepreneurial leadership and empowering youth to take on prominent roles in the agricultural sector. Designed for young people aged […]


Sustainable Agronomy: Agricultural Potential of Degraded Pastures in Brazil

A recent study led by the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA) integrated several data sources to determine Brazilian lands with intermediate and severe levels of degradation, offering extensive insights for sustainable development. This research represents a significant opportunity to expand the country’s agricultural production responsibly and efficiently. Given this context, it is crucial to understand […]


Brazil Expands Meat Exports in the Chinese Market

Brazilian farmers are celebrating a significant achievement on the international stage: the opening of 38 new Brazilian meatpacking plants for export to the Chinese market. This decision by the Chinese government represents an unprecedented opportunity for the Brazilian agricultural sector, with the number of qualified premises increasing from 106 to 144, offering vast prospects for […]


Brazil’s Cocoa Industry Celebrated for Its Excellence

Now it’s Easter season, a celebration of renewal traditionally marked by indulging in chocolate, not only in Brazil but in many other countries. Brazilian farmers have an additional reason to rejoice: the Cocoa of Excellence Awards, held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, acknowledged the excellence of Brazilian cocoa. During the biennial event, which gathered 222 samples […]


Brazil is the world’s third-largest fruit producer

Brazil has reached another milestone in fruit production. According to the Brazilian Association of Fruit Producers and Exporters (ABRAFRUTAS), there was a 6% increase in volume and a 26.7% rise in value over 2023. This growth translates to an outcome of 1.085 million tons of fruit, which has been successfully exported to several demanding international […]


Revolt in the countryside

Scenes of tractors blocking highways and streets in Europe’s main capitals have been on the news since last year’s end. In several countries, farmers protest against the bloc’s policies and regulations which, according to them, hinder food production due to excessive constraints and not offering adequate financial compensation. There is widespread discontent among producers. The […]


The Amway Nutrilite Farm and Sustainability in Brazilian Agribusiness

For more than two decades, the Amway Nutrilite Farm in Ceará state has been on a path toward sustainability in Brazilian agribusiness. Its acquisition in 1997 led to an unwavering commitment to responsible and environmentally conscious agricultural practices. Specializing in organic production, the farm offers a wide range of products, from vitamin C powder and […]


Harmony in the Fields: Genomic Techniques, Sustainable Agriculture, and Global Regulatory Dynamics

By Maciel Silva and Leticia Assis Valadares Fonseca ‌ The worldwide agricultural sector is changing with the integration of New Genomic Techniques (NGT), making a substantial contribution to global food security and sustainable agricultural practices. Often associated with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), a clear distinction is crucial for a full understanding of NGT. GMOs involve […]


Brazilian natural wines make an impression at the Slow Wine Fair

“Brazilian wines? But with Italian grapes?” These questions marked Valparaíso Vinhos e Vinhedos’ participation in Slow Wine, an international fair promoted by the Slow Food movement in Bologna, Italy. It was the first Brazilian winery to take part in this event focused on natural wines. During the event, stakeholders from the wine world tasted the […]


Agro.BR Women: An Initiative by Brazilian Farmers to Empower Rural Female Entrepreneurs

Agro.BR, a collaboration between the Brazilian National Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (APEX-Brasil), presents an exclusive initiative for rural female entrepreneurs seeking to expand their businesses globally: Agro.BR Women. This specialized program aims to enhance the role of women in the international market by equipping them with resources […]


Brazilian farmers use a carbon calculator to grow yerba mate

Technology and sustainability are closely linked in the growth of yerba mate in Brazil. To estimate carbon stocks and greenhouse gas emissions during the plant’s growth, Embrapa Florestas and the Solidariedad Foundation have developed the Carbon Matte calculator. The technology will provide a better understanding of the relationship between yerba mate production and the mitigation […]


Brazil’s 2024 coffee harvest is expected to exceed last year’s by 5.5%

Estimates show that the 2024 Brazilian coffee harvest will be a favorable season, with an estimated production of 58.08 million bags of processed coffee, 5.5% higher than in 2023. The total area allotted for coffee growing in the country in 2024 (in Arabica and Conilon species) is 2.25 million hectares, an increase of 0.8% compared […]


Low-carbon Brazilian livestock: an overview

Brazilian livestock has not only shaped the country’s agricultural landscape but has also played a crucial role in building national identity and the economic development of its different regions. Nelson Ananias Filho, Sustainability Coordinator of the Brazilian National Confederation of Agriculture (CNA), shared valuable insights with Brazilian Farmers about the historical path and future prospects […]