Agro.BR Business Zone: The Platform Connecting You to Brazilian Farmers


The Agro.BR Business Zone has just been launched, heralding a new era for Brazilian agricultural trade. This platform will streamline your access to high-quality Brazilian products by connecting producers directly with buyers seeking the best from Brazil. With just a few clicks, interested buyers can connect with producers from several agricultural sectors.

This initiative is part of Agro.BR, an innovative project born from the partnership between the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (APEX-Brasil). Its mission is to expand the Brazilian export agenda by providing support and resources to rural entrepreneurs of all sizes, from small family producers to large industry players.

To take part in the Agro.BR Business Zone, you must fulfill the registration requirements by providing information about your company and commercial interests. Once registered and approved, you will gain access to exclusive resources, including networking opportunities and participation in virtual business rounds to match your ideal product!

We are excited to spread Brazilian flavors even further. With the Agro.BR Business Zone, we’ll have numerous opportunities to close incredible deals, connect producers and buyers worldwide, and boost Brazilian agribusiness to new levels of success and international recognition. Access our Business Zone and join us on this journey to discover the unlimited potential of Brazilian agricultural products.