Brazilian Farmers’ Youth Leadership represents Brazilian agribusiness in Germany


Carolina Sleutjes, a producer from Rio Grande do Sul and member of CNA Jovem, a Youth Leadership development program by the Brazilian National Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA), represented the Brazilian agricultural youth at the International Young Farmers’ Forum. This forum was part of the 16th Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) held in Berlin, Germany, from January 17 to January 20, 2024.

Appointed by CNA and chosen by the German Embassy among many Brazilian youth, Carolina engaged in discussions with representatives from 20 countries, providing inputs to preparing a standpoint presented to the ministers of the Global Forum. She also delivered the group’s final document to the German minister and the Ukrainian representative.

The International Young Farmers’ Forum included representatives from several countries, including South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, East Africa, Cambodia, Japan, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Jamaica, the United States, Australia, Thailand, Ukraine, China, the United Arab Emirates, and Puerto Rico

In addition to the discussions, the young farmers took part in GFFA panels, debating the role of countries in food production and combating hunger. Carolina emphasized the importance of bringing the voice of Brazilian agriculture to the world: “We aim to be food-secure, and Brazil is already the world’s granary. Therefore, we are in charge of producing and exporting food to countries in need.”.

In the previous year, Brazil was also represented by another participant from CNA Jovem. Quésia Sá Pavão, hailing from Pará state, presented the statement: “Change of Food Systems: A global response to multiple crises,” alongside 20 young leaders from countries around the world.
Once again, Brazil stands out internationally, showing that the national agricultural youth plays a crucial role in shaping global discussions on the future of agriculture and food.