From Brazil to Bologna: Valparaiso’s sustainable wine tale


Valparaiso Vinhos e Vinhedos, a symbol of sustainable winemaking from Brazil, is ready to make an impression on the international audience at the Slow Wine Fair in Bologna. This journey from the flourishing Serra Gaúcha to Italy represents a significant step in the international acclaim of Brazilian wines.

The company was founded by Arnaldo Argenta, an agricultural engineer who took years to create a unique way of producing wines in the region. The innovation consisted of cladding the vines to cope with the region’s high humidity, preventing fungal contamination, and allowing the grapes to ripen naturally. Valparaíso uses biodynamic techniques like natural compost for soil fertility, thus enhancing the quality of their grapes.

This practice leads to the production of natural wines without pesticides. Winemaking follows principles aligned with the Slow Food movement, such as respect for the whole production chain, KM0, and other environment-friendly actions.

Arnaldo’s daughter, Naiana Argenta, found by chance that her father’s hobby could make a revolution in the wine world. When she took a sommelier course in Italy, she saw that the winery could go further. “I decided to leave my corporate career after 15 years to devote myself to understanding our position in the wine market and helping to bring my father’s vision to life,” she says proudly.

Since taking over the company’s marketing and commercial areas, Naiana has devoted herself to expanding the brand within the country while preparing to export her product. Today, Valparaiso Vinhos’ labels are on the menus of renowned Brazilian restaurants, such as Dom, run by Michelin-starred chef Alex Atala.

The road to export

Valparaíso Vinhos e Vinhedos’ participation in Agro.BR, a program led by the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA) in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (APEX), exemplifies its commitment to expanding its market reach.

Agro.BR intends to diversify Brazil’s export portfolio, and Valparaíso’s role in this initiative reflects their ambition to showcase the uniqueness of Brazilian wines on the global stage. Through Agro.BR, Valparaíso explores new international markets, taking part in global wine fairs, and leveraging digital platforms to reach wine enthusiasts worldwide.

Brazil’s Wine Landscape

Brazil’s wine industry, particularly in the Serra Gaúcha region, is celebrated for its unique blend of tradition and innovation. The country’s diverse climate and soil conditions contribute to its wines’ distinct flavors and high quality. Embracing sustainability, Brazilian winemakers like Valparaíso lead the way in eco-friendly practices, ensuring minimal environmental impact while producing outstanding wines.

While Brazilian wineries often focus on production volume, Valparaíso stands out by prioritizing eco-friendly practices and quality over quantity, setting a new standard in the Brazilian wine industry.