Brazilian Farmers develop agricultural startups with government incentives


Brazilians who work with innovation in agribusiness will soon benefit from an incentives program. The AgroHub Brazil project comes into operation in September to promote and support the creation and development of startups.

The project, from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Food Supply (MAPA), also encourages initiatives to bring innovative companies closer to public and private funding opportunities in Brazil and abroad. Through AgroHub Brazil, Brazilian farmers are more involved in innovative environments, which bring them closer to new technologies and opportunities. The goal is to expand technology-based entrepreneurship, leading to increased productivity, employment, and revenue generation in the agro sector.

The project is open to research centers, universities, rural producers, private companies, and investors. The idea is that these partnerships lead to new projects, studies, events, and actions toward innovation networks. The work begins by creating and strengthening Agtechs in regional innovation ecosystems.

Research Web Portal
The AgroHub Brazil website gathers information about the innovation ecosystem related to Brazilian agriculture and livestock and the main initiatives underway in the country. Besides information on digital agriculture, connectivity in rural areas, and mobile applications with solutions for daily life in the countryside, the site provides details on support lines and public and private promotion for startups.

Brazilian Agtechs
Nowadays, Brazil has more than 1.5 thousand startups linked to agricultural activities and more than 50 innovation environments spread throughout the country, mainly in regions with an agricultural vocation.

In 2020, the country registered more than one new AgTech per day, according to a survey carried out by Radar AgTech, an initiative from the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA) in partnership with SP Ventures and Homo Ludens and support from MAPA.

Here at Brazilian Farmers, we have already highlighted innovative initiatives, such as the use of nanotechnology to increase productivity and the nutritional aspects of agricultural production.