Brazilian breakfast: diversity is the day’s most important meal


You have probably heard that breakfast is the day’s most important meal. In Brazil, we take this saying very seriously. Since the country is so large, it is difficult to choose only one typical “Brazilian breakfast,” but they have something in common: freshly brewed coffee, milk, tropical fruits, and juices are everywhere.

When you take a step deeper into Brazilian food culture, you realize that Brazilian breakfast also represents local habits, history, environment, and traditions. That explains, for example, why cassava-based products are so popular in northern states, where Indigenous peoples have been exploring the possibilities of this root for centuries.

Brazilian Farmers accepted the challenge of gathering some recipes in English, so people from all over the world can taste our diversity. Check them out:


The typical Brazilian “crèpe” is naturally gluten-free. It is a cassava-based dough and can have different fillings: cheese, coconut, nuts, butter, scrambled eggs, banana, etc.

Cassava cake

Once again, cassava is the star of this sweet treat. This time, the freshly grated root mixes with butter, eggs, sugar, and coconut. The cake also becomes a gluten-free creamy breakfast dish that goes very well with a cup of coffee.

Açaí bowl

Internationally known for its colorful bowls with fruits and granola, our “super berry” is served more simply by northern Brazilians. Try it at room temperature with tapioca puffs and optional sugar. With this recipe, açaí is not only a breakfast option but can also become a part of your lunch and dinner.

Tapioca couscous

When you mix granular tapioca flour with coconut milk, condensed milk, and fresh coconut, you have enough energy to go through the day. At least, that is what they say in Bahia!

Corn porridge

Brazilian dessert canjica of white corn with cinnamon in transparent plate.

With coconut or peanuts, our typical corn porridge is another sweet and warm way to begin the day. Make sure you find some Brazilian white hominy corn to taste it as in its original recipe.

Cornmeal couscous

This steamed cornmeal recipe is the best way to begin the day for most Brazilian people. The couscous can be served at every meal, but it is a classic breakfast dish. We eat it with butter, cheese, dry meat, eggs, or even in a sweet version with coconut and sugar.

Cornmeal cake

A generous slice of this sweet cake (maybe with goiabada on the side) is a great way to begin the day. If you don’t have it for breakfast, this dish can wait until an afternoon coffee. Its recipe is so easy that everything you have to do is put the ingredients in the blender and mix them!


The Brazilian version of the Mexican tamale is versatile. Sweet corn is the base of this dish that can be salty, sweet, filled with cheese, or even sausages. A cup of coffee is always on its side.

Cheese bread

An all-time favorite. Our pão de queijo is soft and chewy, and it is delicious served warm with coffee at any time of the day. Once again, cassava flour is the secret to this naturally gluten-free cheesy delight.

Pan-fried bread

There is no need for a recipe on this one. Our pan-fried bread, with butter or margarine, is the classic “breakfast to go.” When Brazilian don’t have time to stop for a complete breakfast, we just put some butter in the pan with a slice of French bread, pair it with a latte and we are good to go!

Cold-brewed yerba mate

Need some energy for a hot day? A cold version of yerba mate is the answer in some Brazilian regions.


Yes, we also have German influence! This typical cake from the southern states is a version of German fruit cakes. It consists of a fruit layer (grapes, bananas, guava), a crumbly top, and a soft cake on its base.

Hot chocolate (or hot cocoa)

The country that makes some of the best chocolate in the world can also master the art of hot chocolate. On cold days in the South, the drink can be mixed with instant coffee or a pinch of cinnamon.