Farofa: the cassava-based crispness is a global passion

Cassava, also known as manioc and yuca, is a Brazilian symbol. The tuberous root is native to South America and, for thousands of years, has been the foundation of our diet – firstly, among Indigenous peoples, and now its potential is crossing our borders. One of the world’s favorite ways to eat it is in […]


The story behind the best artisanal chocolates in Brazil

Priscila França has made the sweetest career change imaginable. She used to escort inmates in a prision and, eight years later, won a prize for the best artisanal chocolate in Brazil. It took her some bravery, stamina, and focus to embrace this journey.  “I was not happy. I wanted to be a pastry chef, so […]


Brazilian black pepper conquers the world

Brazil has been spicing up the world with an ever-increasing export of black peppers. In 2021, the export volume surpassed 51,600 tons, and consistent growth in terms of value has also been reported. In June, for example, black pepper was a remarkable product in our trade balance data, with a value increase of 90.6% compared […]