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Brazil has the best olive oil in the Southern Hemisphere

The best olive oil produced in the Southern Hemisphere is Brazilian. The oil, produced on the Serra dos Tapes Farm, was acknowledged by the Mario Solinas Quality Awards, an unprecedented achievement for the country. The award is an initiative of the International Olive Oil Council (IOC) since 2000 and is considered the most significant in […]



The beekeeper who had his life changed with SENAR training

Brazilian beekeeper Otávio de Jesus Alves, 39, has a big smile on his face. At first glance, it is hard to believe that he and his wife, Nice, went through so many hardships to feed their three children. A resident of the small town of Ruy Barbosa, in Bahia state, northeastern Brazil, he lived off […]



The ways of future agriculture and cattle-raising

The possible changes in the agribusiness chain in the coming decades have been debated concerning climate change, circular bioeconomy, new trade contexts between countries, consumption trends, and especially the impacts of the Fourth Technological Evolution linked to the production of food, fibers, and energy—the so-called Agro 4.0—, which will encompass the other aspects of change. […]



Training and technical assistance enhance sheep raising in Brazil

Tauana Santana and Altiere Oliveira are young sheep ranchers from the city of Candeal, in Bahia state, Northeast Brazil. The couple invested in production and, despite the will to grow, they still found it difficult to make the work bring more benefits to their family’s quality of life. That was when SENAR’s Technical and Managerial […]



Brazilian agricultural exports reach US$ 14.7 billion in April 2023

The Brazilian agribusiness trade balance data for April are now available. That month, the value of goods traded abroad reached US$ 14.7 billion, a 1% decrease when compared to the same period in 2022. The results followed a shrinking trend of the entire Brazilian exports. At the month’s end, agriculture and livestock products had a […]



Technical Assistance is changing dairy production in Mato Grosso state

The Primavera farm, owned by producer Douglas Oliveira from São José dos Quatro Marcos (Mato Grosso state), is among the more than 5 thousand rural properties assisted by the Technical and Managerial Assistance (ATeG) of the National Rural Learning Service of Mato Grosso (SENAR-MT). The good results were already evident in the first year of […]

Cocoa & Chocolate


The Brazilian cocoa path to Swiss chocolate

Brazilian cocoa farmers have taken an important step into the international market. In March, Coopercabruca, a cooperative in Bahia state, in the country’s Northeast Region, exported another batch of cocoa liquor. The product is a key ingredient of Swiss chocolate, globally known for its high quality. The shipment was of half a ton of cocoa […]



Chilean market opens up for Brazilian papaya

Brazil has taken another step towards seeing the diversity of its fruits conquering the world. Chile, which already purchases our Tahiti lime, has officially opened its doors to papaya. The fruit is regarded as one of the best in the world, according to the Brazilian Association of Producers and Exporters of Fruit and Derivatives (ABRAFRUTAS), […]



Coffee and diversity: Meet Brazil’s greatest treasures

In Brazil, we have a different word for “breakfast.” In Portuguese, we call this meal “café da manhã” (literally, “coffee of the morning”). This is just one of the signs that show that coffee is in our language and is part of our culture. What probably few people know is that one out of every […]

Made in Brazil


Chimarrão: a Brazilian way to enjoy yerba mate

According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), Brazil produced more than 527 thousand tons of yerba mate in 2020, with 520 thousand tons from its South Region alone. Among the states that stand out for yerba mate production in Brazil are Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná, and Mato Grosso do […]



Maciel Silva: “Growing green: how Brazil’s agriculture sector is making strides in sustainability‌”

The Brazilian Forest Code is widely considered to be one of the world’s most strict environmental laws, owing to its requirement for legal reserves and permanent preservation areas. The Rural Environmental Registry (CAR) is a database that contains information on rural properties and their environmental assets, such as forests, wetlands, and water sources. Through CAR, […]



Brazilian agricultural exports reach US$ 9.9 billion in February 2023

The Brazilian agribusiness trade balance data for February are already available. This month, the value of goods traded abroad reached US$ 9.9 billion, a 5.7% decrease when compared to the same period in 2022. The results followed a retraction of the entire Brazilian trade balance. Still, at the month’s end, agriculture and livestock products had […]