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The flourishing ethanol industry in Brazil

The National Corn Ethanol Union (UNEM) estimates an unprecedented surge in Brazil’s corn ethanol production, reaching 6 billion liters in the 2023-24 season—an astonishing 36% increase from the previous cycle and an astronomical 800% surge over the last five years. Driven by the expansion of the Brazilian industrial complex, technological advancements, and soaring international demand […]



Brazilian farmers travel to Peru for Latin America’s largest food fair

On the last week of September, representatives of 20 Brazilian rural companies traveled to Peru to participate in Expoalimentaria, Latin America’s largest food fair. Besides displaying their products at the fair, the farmers also took part in a full schedule to promote their businesses, identify trade opportunities, and learn more about the country’s consumer habits. […]



Entities from Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay release a common statement on European environmental legislation

This week, the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA) organized a Meeting of South American Soybean and Maize Entities. The aim was to debate the impact of the European Union’s anti-deforestation laws on export chains. The debate included Brazilian farmers as well as those from Paraguay, Argentina, and Uruguay. Technical and international experts also […]



Brazil is the first country authorized to export chicken meat to Israel

Brazil has become the first country in the world authorized to export chicken meat to Israel. The two countries concluded negotiations at the end of August. Representatives from the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock met local health authorities throughout the week and visited facilities to gather information on the kosher production process, in which […]

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Brazil is the world’s sixth-largest silk producer

Brazil, known for its lush rainforests, vibrant culture, and diverse landscapes, also boasts a lesser-known but equally charming treasure: silk production. While countries like China and India have long been linked to silk, the Brazilian silk industry is quietly being recognized for its unique combination of tradition, innovation, and sustainability. In 2020, Brazilian farmers produced […]



A new record: 28 million Brazilians work in agribusiness

The first quarter of 2023 set a record for the Brazilian agribusiness labor market. The employed population in the sector reached 28.1 million people, the best result for the first quarter of a given year and the second-best performance in the historical series, which began in 2012. In this year’s first quarter, the total number […]



Sueme Mori: “Friends, friends, business (not so much) aside”

When it comes to “mixing friendship and business,” one can hardly achieve consensus. There are those in favor and others who see only drawbacks. Until a few years ago, the prevailing saying in international trade was that where to produce or buy goods and raw materials should be based primarily on operating costs—i.e. where it’s […]



Brazilian agricultural exports reach US$ 14.2 billion in July 2023

The Brazilian agribusiness trade balance data for July show how our exports keep increasing year after year. This month, the value of goods traded abroad reached US$ 14.2 billion, a 0.1% decrease when compared to the same period in 2022. At the month’s end, agriculture and livestock products had a surplus of US$ 8.9 billion. […]



Brazilian Farmers visit Japan in search of new opportunities

Brazilian farmers crossed the globe for a string of meetings in Japan. The mission included the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA) and the Ministry of Agriculture, with representatives of the Brazilian government, sectoral entities, and members of Congress. The group met Prima Meat Packers, a company focused on business development for meat, ham, […]



The Gross Value of Production (GVP) of Brazilian agriculture and livestock is expected to reach R$ 1.26 trillion in 2023

The gross revenue of Brazilian rural premises, known as GPV, is expected to reach R$1.26 trillion in 2023, equivalent to US$ 262.3 billion. The figure is estimated by the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA), considering agricultural and cattle-raising production based on the average worth received by farmers across the country. The figure reflects […]