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Young agronomist defends “cashew meat” as a protein alternative

At 25, the agronomist Elienai Trindade leads a project that seeks to develop strategies for cashew producers to make the most of the fruit, diversifying recipes and avoiding waste in crop production. Elienai was part of the CNA Youth, a program aimed at developing young leaders in the countryside. Her idea arose in 2018 when […]



Brazilian Farmers, Minister of Agriculture and Israeli Ambassador discuss actions for Brazil’s Northeastern region

The president of the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestockl (CNA), Mr. Joao Martins, met in Brasília with the Minister of Agriculture, Tereza Cristina, and the Ambassador of Israel to Brazil, Yossi Shelley, to discuss projects for a more effective use of water and the adoption of new technologies that leverage agricultural production in the […]