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Brazil is one of the world’s largest beef producers and exporters. In 2020, the country was the largest exporter of meat in the world, with 2.2 million tons – 14.4% of the international market. It has one of the largest and most sustainable cattle herds in the world, counting 218.2m heads of cattle (2020). Brazilian […]



A trip is worth a thousand pictures

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a trip is worth a thousand pictures. This sentence reflects properly the feeling of a group of foreign diplomats who, at the invitation of the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA), spent four days learning about the agriculture and livestock sector in the Mato Grosso […]




In Brazil, since the 1970s pig production has been transformed from a backyard activity to an advanced and integrated production chain. Investments in new production systems, technology, and professional qualification have made the country the fourth-largest producer of pork in the world, supplying 4.4m tonnes of high-quality meat (2020), a fifth of which is exported […]



Integration between livestock farming and food processing in Brazil

Did you know that the poultry, egg and pork industries in Brazil are based on family farming, and constitute an integrated production chain? The system provides stable income for farmers, high quality standards and complete traceability. If you want to do good business, with sustainability and environmental responsibility, Brazil is the right partner. Check it […]



Productivity in the livestock sector

Did you know that the productivity of Brazilian livestock has been growing year by year while the area occupied by pasture has been substantially decreasing? If you want to do good business, with sustainability and environmental responsibility, Brazil is the right partner. Check it out below.



Seminar on Food and Livestock China-Brazil is held in Rio de Janeiro

The Brazilian Agriculture and Livestock Confederation (CNA) participated in the Seminar on Food and Livestock China-Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro, on Friday (14). Pedro Pereira, CNA’s International Relations Advisor was one of the speakers. He presented the commercial relations of the Brazilian agricultural sector with China, its strengths and challenges. “Despite the many opportunities to […]



Brazil strengthens trade partnership with Vietnam

Minister Tereza Cristina meets with Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam, Xuan Cuong, in Hanoi. Photo: Flickr Map This year marks the 30 years of diplomatic relations between Brazil and Vietnam. Coincidently, in this remarkable year, a group of private and public sector leaders representing Brazilian agriculture are visiting Vietnam, with the main […]



Brazilian Farmers Follow the Agriculture Discussions in the United States

      Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is in the United States on his first official visit to the country. On Tuesday he is expected to meet American president Donald Trump. In the midst of visits and meetings, an agenda particularly interests Brazilian farmers and ranchers: the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Tereza Cristina’s. Brazilian Farmers […]



American and Japanese Students Learn About Brazilian Agriculture and Farmers’ Representation

Brasilia (01/30/2019) – A group of undergraduate exchange students from the universities of Tsukuba and Tokyo (Japan), Ohio State University (United States), and the University of Sao Paulo’s Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture (Esalq) visited the headquarters of the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA), home of the Brazilian farmers. Students from Japan, […]