Brazilian Farmer aims for greater steps after technical and managerial assistance from SENAR-MS


Having access to technical assistance before starting production from scratch is essential for the success of the venture. Farmer Alex Ferreira from Fátima do Sul, Mato Grosso do Sul, fulfilled his dream of working on the land with his family, and today celebrates the results.

In 2021, Alex began growing vegetables and cassava for sale in the region. With the technical and managerial assistance of Brazil’s national Rural Learning Service (SENAR), the family has invested in proper and functional production, offering good quality products.

“Pest control, fertilization, irrigation. Today, with the help of SENAR-MS, we have a notion of what to do and how to do it. In addition, we also learned how to organize ourselves in financial terms with managerial assistance,” says the producer.

At the age of 36, Alex switched his job at a factory for land work and today says he has many dreams related to agricultural activities. On this path in search of greater steps, the rural producer wants to remain a partner of SENAR-MS.

“Our current goal is to implement a structure that meets market demands, such as a hydroponic system, and we want to count on SENAR to produce better and better,” he concludes.