SENAR: The Rural School


The Brazilian National Rural Learning Service (SENAR) makes changes in the producers’ life using learning processes offered through courses, training, and technical and managerial assistance. All the services offered by SENAR act in educating men and women in the countryside.

SENAR currently operates in Rural Professional Training, Social Promotion, Technical and Management Assistance, secondary-level technical courses, and formal education – the CNA College, among other learning products, such as textbooks on several agricultural activities.

The change in producers’ attitudes is achieved through the education and training of all those involved in the activities in the field, together with their families, employees, and young people.

This change also happens for people who seek a competitive position in the labor market through a training program with intermediate certifications that qualify them in their areas of activity, as well as in developing new technical skills.

SENAR has a Distance Education Platform which adds to the professionalization of people from all over the Brazilian countryside. There are more than 120 free and distance education courses that expand knowledge and provide opportunities to increase productivity, income, and quality of life in rural areas.

Another feature available is the courses and classes of the e-Tec network, which is offered in the distance education modality, with face-to-face meetings focused on field practice. In this training model, students are accompanied by distance and face-to-face instructors; at the end of the course, they receive a technical qualification degree certified by the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC).

Rural vocational training is taught in face-to-face courses on several agricultural jobs, where rural producers and their employees receive theoretical and practical content collectively, a process that provides an exchange of knowledge and experience among them.

In the social sector, SENAR acts in Social Promotion training through activities with a learning focus that enables people from rural areas to acquire knowledge and develop personal and social skills, favoring participation in rural communities.

In addition to all the courses, training, and learning content, SENAR has been providing Technical and Management Assistance in rural areas for ten years, which acts continuously in the producers’ educational process. More than 260 thousand producers are assisted in all Brazilian states.

SENAR promotes education in all agribusiness sectors and for all producer profiles. It is the true rural school in Brazil!

*Luana Frossard Gomes de Aguiar is the Project Operationalization Coordinator at Brazil’s National Rural Learning Service (SENAR)