Mission to the Middle East Brings Positive Results for Brazilian Agribusiness


On September 22, the mission led by the Minister of Agriculture of Brazil, Tereza Cristina, to the Middle East ended. The entourage visited four countries: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.

Along the way, new commercial partnerships and market opening for the imports of agricultural products from Brazil were announced.

The final balance was positive, according to the assessment of the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA). For CNA’s Head of International Relations, Lígia Dutra, the opening of the markets should stimulate the productivity of the Brazilian sector and increase the farmer’s income.

“The mission was very positive and the minister has many deliverables. In Egypt, we were able to open the market for Brazilian dairy products. This means a lot for Brazilian farmers, because they are investing and producing more and they need new markets to sell their goods. We sought after new partnerships and destinations for our products. Our goal is to add value to our exports, increase productivity and producers’ income,” said Ligia.

Ligia also highlighted the opening of the Saudi market for honey, Kuwait’s interest in high value-added products and future investment partnerships with the United Arab Emirates.

“We will continue to work to stimulate growth in our agriculture. But this growth must be based on international partnerships. That way we can further develop our sector as we find new markets abroad. Partnerships are fundamental to reach the foreign market, so we will increasingly invest in cooperation with countries like the United Arab Emirates.”

Entourage visits BRF Foods factory in the United Arab Emirates.

Over the weekend, the group visited the BRF Foods factory and participated in a Business Seminar, a partnership with Dubai Export and the Arab Brazilian Chamber. On Sunday, they also visited a farm where fruits and vegetables are grown in greenhouses, with biological pest control and use of central pivot for irrigation.

Minister Tereza Cristina (center), during Business Seminar in Dubai.

“Few countries have such a diverse and relevant agricultural sector as Brazil. We have the capacity to continue expanding the food supply in a sustainable way,” said Agriculture Minister Tereza Cristina.