Brazilian grapes are ready to conquer the world


With each passing day, Brazilian grapes are reaching new markets and gaining more and more appreciation worldwide. At a crop value of US$ 155.9 million in 2021, growers shipped more than 76.6 thousand tons of the fruit abroad, an increase of 55.6%.

This continuous growth is due to the significant expansion process which began in the early 2000s on the viticulture in the São Francisco Valley, mainly in the Pernambuco and Bahia states. Aside from intense research and work by Brazilian farmers, 300 days of sunshine per year with low air humidity and the mineral waters from the São Francisco River can explain these results.

With genetic improvement, scientists could reach the best characteristics, providing larger fruits, a larger number of fruits per bunch, and pleasant taste. The use of national varieties, associated with the simplified management of bunches, the potential of two harvests per year, and the tolerance to mildew and rainfall have promoted the expansion of cultivation of BRS Nubia (with seeds), BRS Isis, and BRS Vitória. Among the traditional grapes with seeds are the Itália group grapes, grown in the centerlsouth of Brazil and also in the semi-arid tropical climate.

From white-green to red and dark blue, here are the most popular Brazilian grapes:

BRS Isis
This is a Brazilian seedless grape cultivar with a pleasant neutral flavor that stands out for its perfectly round red berries. It is a very fruitful grape, presenting four bunches per grapevine.

BRS Vitória
A novel Brazilian cultivar of black seedless table grapes with raspberry flavor. These main traits meet the most important demands from the viticulture segment in Brazil.

BRS Núbia
This is a Brazilian seeded table grape, with shiny black color and neutral flavor. It presents high yields and big berries (25 mm/0.98 inch) with crispy flesh.

This traditional seedless grape grows in several Brazilian regions and is one of our favorites. Is also known as Sultania or Kishmish and is referred to as a “three-way grape” because it is used as table grape, to make raisins, and to make wine.

Crimson Red
This is one of the main seedless table grapes on the market. It has a thick skin, firm crispy peel, and sweet juicy flavor, with berries measuring more than 0.7 inch.

Red Globe
Its robust bunches and large dark red fruits, measuring more than 0.98 inch, are a trademark. The fruit has an intense flavor when it is ripe.

Seedless green grape with round or elongate berries of medium size. It is a superb variety with high productivity and a hint of muscat flavor.

Labeled as one of the four aromatic varieties, this grape of Italian origin stands out as one of the most cultivated seeded table grape in the São Francisco Valley.