Brazilian coconut bee pollen conquers the international market


Bee2Be, a leading Brazilian company specializing in bee and honey products, has recently concluded a successful shipment of 800 kg of coconut bee pollen to the United States. This superfood has become popular in sports and health-conscious communities in the US, and Brazilian coconut bee pollen has been drawing the attention of international consumers. With a robust presence in the organic honey export market, Brazil is already acknowledged for its commitment to providing healthy food options.

Under the leadership of Simone Ponce, CEO of Bee2Be, the company has built a network of 200 agricultural and beekeeping producers, primarily located in the city of Conde and other areas in the state of Bahia. Bee2Be sells and exports several bee products, including propolis and pollen, with international buyers showing great interest in them. Notably, the United Center, home of the Chicago Bulls, one of the leading NBA teams, is among its clients.

Coconut bee pollen by Bee2Be

Beekeeping plays a crucial role in restoring local ecosystems. Bees contribute significantly to preserving these biomes through pollination, which improves crop productivity in the region. Ponce, Bee2Be’s founder and CEO, highlights the importance of beekeeping in preserving the environment and enhancing food production.

“The Brazilian product has enormous potential in the international market, and the demand for sustainable and high-quality items keeps growing. We take pride in connecting small producers with global businesses, strengthening our relationship with the Bahian ecosystem, and showcasing the diversity of the Atlantic Forest to the world,” says Bee2Be’s founder.

She explains that Bee2Be recognized the potential of beekeeping in the coconut grove region of Bahia and addressed the socio-economic challenges faced by the local community. “By implementing sophisticated production processes and eliminating predatory market prices from middlemen, we have empowered local producers, providing them with sustainable business opportunities,” Ponce observes.

With the support of the Agro.Br Project, Bee2Be continues to expand its reach in the international market, connecting small-scale producers with global buyers and showcasing the rich diversity of Brazil’s bee products to the world. The company has been getting support from Agro.Br since late 2022, on the project’s second edition.

Through the Technical Assistance and Rural Extension (ATeG) provided by SENAR-BA, Bee2Be has implemented quality standards essential for exporting. “We greatly appreciate the support provided by Agro.Br. Currently, we are exploring sales prospects in other countries, such as Australia, Portugal, Israel, and India. We have three more shipments of 800 kg of pollen already scheduled, and we are also planning to introduce a line of propolis, which is expected to be available for sale by August,” concludes the CEO.

About Agro.Br
Agro.Br is a project developed by the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA) to organize and expand the presence of Brazilian rural entrepreneurs in international trade, diversifying the range of products the country exports.

Since October 2019, Agro.Br has been working in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (APEX), assisting rural entrepreneurs in expanding their international market presence. The project has provided training, capacity-building, marketing support, and interaction tools through consultants from across the country.

The project’s online platform showcases 194 high-quality products available for international buyers and has produced 636 digital portfolios in five different languages.