Brazilian farmers take part in a trade mission to Colombia


Thirteen Brazilian farmers went on a trade mission to Colombia in June. The itinerary included the Alimentec trade fair and an exclusive program to learn about the local market, including seminars, technical visits, and business rounds.The delegation represented the diversity of Brazilian rural production, including different sectors and foods such as manioc, cachaça, popcorn, beans, coffee, Brazil nuts, jellies, pasta, organic drinks, fruits, and sugarcane-based foods. During Alimentec, the entrepreneurs met potential buyers in more than 150 business rounds.

The trip to Colombia is part of the Agro.BR program, an initiative of the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA) in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (APEX Brasil). The project aims to diversify Brazil’s export portfolio.
After the five-day mission, the participants returned to Brazil with more knowledge about the specificities of the Colombian market. They had access to market trends, consumer habits, regulations, and sanitary and phytosanitary requirements.


The seminars, held in cooperation with the Brazilian Embassy in Colombia, were attended by Ambassador Paulo Estivallet de Mesquita. The lectures included information on certifications, documentation, and licenses, among other topics. “It’s interesting to be aware of other markets. The mission provides knowledge and experiences, helping us to understand what the world is producing and how we can bring technologies to our home base,” says Eduardo Teixeira, founder of Organic Way, a company that produces organic drinks.

“From this work, other Brazilian enterprises will be able to access Colombia and other countries,” commented Rodrigo da Matta, CNA’s Trade Promotion Coordinator. “These companies are groundbreakers since they open new paths and opportunities for other entrepreneurs. They have this role of launching the country into new markets.”