Agro.BR Women: An Initiative by Brazilian Farmers to Empower Rural Female Entrepreneurs


Agro.BR, a collaboration between the Brazilian National Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (APEX-Brasil), presents an exclusive initiative for rural female entrepreneurs seeking to expand their businesses globally: Agro.BR Women.
This specialized program aims to enhance the role of women in the international market by equipping them with resources and knowledge to export Brazilian products.

How It Works:

  • Technical Training – Participants receive extensive technical training tailored to their needs, encompassing several aspects of international trade, market analysis, and export regulations.
  • Fostering Commercial Opportunities – The program enables access to commercial opportunities by connecting participants with potential buyers, distributors, and commercial partners in international markets.
  • Setting of Support Networks – Building support networks is crucial. The program promotes collaboration among entrepreneurs through mentoring activities, peer learning sessions, and networking events.

Agro.BR Women focuses on fostering female entrepreneurship in rural environments, recognizing the essential role of women in the country’s economic development. In addition to offering business opportunities, this initiative aids in empowering women across the agricultural sector.
Not only on International Women’s Day but every day, one must commit to equal opportunities and strengthening female entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector. Agro.BR Women represents a significant step in this direction, providing women in rural environments with the tools and resources to achieve their full potential on the global stage.