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Young Brazilian farmers are ready to take freshwater fish abroad

The Brazilian coast has over 7,000 kilometers. The seaside represents an internationally recognized tropical culture, with beaches, fish, and great seafood. What the world is beginning to discover, however, is that this tropical agriculture is also in the hinterlands. Young farmers keep the freshwater fish tradition alive, adding technology and innovation to reach more consumers […]



Learn more about the diversity of Brazilian watermelons

Healthy and delicious, watermelon is a superfood that surprises and delights people. The health benefits go further than its juicy hydration. The fruit contains vitamin A and vitamin C. It is usually eaten raw, and its rind is sometimes preserved as a pickle. This succulent fruit and vine-like plant of the gourd family (Cucurbitaceae) is […]



Brazilian tropical flavor in a bite

One of the world’s top fruit and sugar cane exporters, Brazil has a long and respectable tradition of satisfying the most avid ones for sweets. Tropical fruits bring vibrancy, passion, and intense flavors to the sweeter side of our cuisine. The diversity of sweets expanded during the colonial period (1500-1822) in line with the growth […]



Former Brazilian Agriculture Minister nominated to this year Peace Nobel Prize

Alysson Paolinelli, an agronomist and former Minister of Agriculture, was responsible for the tropical agricultural revolution that transformed Brazil into a global food power. In January, Paolinelli officially became a Peace Nobel Prize Nominee, having received more than 100 letters of support from institutions from 28 countries. Until the 1970s, Brazil was a net importer […]