The Amway Nutrilite Farm and Sustainability in Brazilian Agribusiness


For more than two decades, the Amway Nutrilite Farm in Ceará state has been on a path toward sustainability in Brazilian agribusiness. Its acquisition in 1997 led to an unwavering commitment to responsible and environmentally conscious agricultural practices.
Specializing in organic production, the farm offers a wide range of products, from vitamin C powder and liquid concentrate to dried herbs and fibers, extracts for cosmetics, seeds, and grains. The partnership with the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA) for certified organic management consolidated its commitment to excellence.
The sustainable practices adopted in the farm include composting, biological pest control, and efficient water use. These techniques preserve the environment and enhance the quality of its products.

Sustainable Farm Award

In 2023, the Amway Nutrilite Farm was honored with the prestigious Sustainable Farm national award. This acknowledgment, resulting from a process that assessed 44 rural properties in several agricultural activities, placed the farm as an example of excellence and commitment to sustainability.
The assessment ranged from documentation to on-site visits, highlighting the farm’s pioneering efforts in adopting sustainable management and production practices. First place in the Large Properties category underscores the positive impact of Amway Nutrilite Farm’s actions in the agricultural sector.

Looking Ahead

Being the most sustainable farm in Brazil is not enough! Looking ahead, the farm sets ambitious goals, including obtaining regenerative organic agriculture certification. These goals reflect a commitment to operational excellence, environmental preservation, and the local community’s well-being.
Furthermore, one must emphasize Amway Nutrilite Farm’s role as a catalyst for change in the agricultural sector, inspiring other rural properties and companies to adopt sustainable practices in their activities. Its legacy goes beyond physical borders, serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration for a greener and more prosperous future for all.