Jundiahy: The essence of outstanding Brazilian grapes


Jundiahy: The essence of outstanding Brazilian grapes

In the heart of Brazil, a country celebrated for its thriving livestock industry, dairy production, and world-renowned cheese, lies a region with a special distinctive feature. Jundiahy, renowned for its fertile soil and favorable climate, has a longstanding reputation for growing some of the finest grape varieties in the country.

The Brazilian lush landscape and favorable climate have fostered a rich tradition of grape cultivation, resulting in exceptional grapes that greatly contribute to the nation’s diverse agricultural production. Nestled within this fertile land, Jundiahy stands as a testament to Brazil’s agricultural prowess.

The recognition: Geographical Indication

This year, the efforts of devoted producers from the cities of Jundiaí, Louveira, Itupeva, Jarinu, and Itatiba received a significant accolade. The National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) officially recognized the Geographical Indication (GI) of the pink Niagara grape from Jundiahy, specifically in the Indication of Provenance category. This distinction is a testimony to the region’s commitment to producing grapes of exceptional quality, evident in the typical flavor and aromatic richness of the pink Niagara grape.

INPI’s acknowledgment marks a milestone for Jundiahy and its dedicated producers. Besides validating their unwavering commitment to excellence, this recognition cements Jundiahy’s position as a cornerstone of Brazil’s esteemed agricultural heritage. The combination of fertile soil, favorable climate, and unwavering devotion has truly made Jundiahy the birthplace of extraordinary grapes, consolidating its place in the annals of Brazilian agricultural excellence.