In Luxembourg, Brazil seeks new funding for agricultural projects


The search for alternative sources of financing for food production was the central theme of the event Dialogues on Agricultural and Livestock Systems. The event composes the programming of the General Assembly of the Organization of International Farmers in Luxembourg.

Since Monday (20), Thiago Masson, International Relations advisor to the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA), participates in the debates that bring together farmers from the five continents and representatives of international organizations of financing for projects in agriculture.

“As representatives of Brazilian rural producers, CNA seeks to expand alternative sources of financing. In this event, we verified that there are many experiences that associate profitability to the rural producer, resilience and climate adaptation, but one of the challenges pointed out by farmers around the world is to provide resources to finance these projects,” he analyzed.

Round tables of discussion at the Food System Dialogue in Luxembourg

The CNA advisor presented the portfolio of international cooperation and projects developed by the CNA / SENAR System, with focus on sustainable production and climate resilience.

Thiago Masson comments that the rural producers representing international agencies that are in the event agree that it is important to promote the integration between good agricultural practices through financing of projects that associate production, profitability and rural sustainability.

On Thursday (23) the participants in the General Assembly of the General Assembly of the Organization of International Farmers visited rural properties in Luxembourg applying technologies for sustainable production.