CNA Young Farmers: Future Leaders in Agriculture


For the past ten years, the National Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA) and the National Rural Apprenticeship Service (SENAR) have led the transformative initiative CNA Young Farmers. This strategic program has been instrumental in promoting entrepreneurial leadership and empowering youth to take on prominent roles in the agricultural sector. Designed for young people aged between 22 and 30 with technical or higher education backgrounds and some connection to agriculture, the CNA Young Farmers program seamlessly integrates leadership development with training in innovative techniques.

Jildson Oliveira Souza, a participant in the program, reflects on its impact, stating: “Through the CNA Young Farmers program, I’ve managed to develop entrepreneurial leadership to identify a longstanding issue and change it into an opportunity for producers in my region to enhance their families’ income through the reutilization of sisal waste in their production.”

This program is a testament to the enduring legacy of agricultural traditions passed down through generations in Brazil. Agriculture isn’t just a profession; it’s a way of life deeply rooted in the cultural fabric of our country. Over the past decade, the program has been a catalyst for transformative change, impacting positively the lives of countless young people across the country.

Through five editions and a special 2018 edition that welcomed alumni from previous years, the program has engaged over 7 thousand young people from different backgrounds and Brazilian regions. This inclusive approach reflects the program’s commitment to diversity, ensuring that voices from every corner of the country are heard and valued.