Agro.BR Business Zone: check out the first results on our innovative platform


Launched in February, the Agro.BR Business Zone platform is beginning to yield its first business results. The innovative initiative of the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA) gathers Brazilian farmers and international buyers in permanent business rounds.
The Agro.BR Program supports farmers who sell their products in our Business Zone. This project–a partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (APEX)–trains and encourages rural businesses of all sizes to be part of international trade.
In its recent virtual business rounds, the platform has proven its worth. In March 2024, the Business Zone selected 121 Brazilian companies for a round of business negotiations, which saw the active participation of 62 buyers and culminated in 146 meetings. This event alone resulted in closed deals worth USD 80,000 and the expectation of business amounting to nearly USD 10 million over the following year.
A multi-sectoral business round in February 2024 yielded similar success. It featured 82 Brazilian companies and 50 buyers, leading to 216 meetings and immediate business worth USD 30,000, with the expected business over the next 12 months totaling more than USD 6 million.
These numbers highlight the platform’s effectiveness and the vast potential of Brazilian agriculture products on the world stage. As the Agro.BR Business Zone continues to evolve, it will open unprecedented opportunities for both producers and buyers, fostering growth and expanding Brazil’s export portfolio. The platform’s commitment to supporting rural entrepreneurs of different sizes is a testament to its vision of raising Brazilian agribusiness to new heights of international acclaim.

How to access
Importers from all over the world can access our platform by registering on this link. Ten editions of global business rounds will be held in 2024, with unique prospects to foster meaningful partnerships and explore new business opportunities. Participation is 100% free for all buyers. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support team at