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CNA/SENAR System promotes meeting with agricultural attachés

Representatives from 20 embassies in Brazil attended the “DAB & CNA Dialogue” on Tuesday, April 16. The event was organized by the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA) to show the institutional work of the CNA/SENAR System. Agricultural attachés from the Diplomats of Agriculture in Brazil (DAB) group were allowed to learn about the […]

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Tapioca: A healthy and versatile Brazilian delicacy

For most of the world, tapioca is simply any flour made from cassava starch, consumed as white flour, flakes, or pearls. In Brazil, it is our gluten-free “crèpe” that can have different fillings. Rich in iron, tapioca can be prepared with just butter (from the sertão/land/bottle) and/or with fresh grated coconut and/or cheese (especially curd […]