Welcome to Brazilian Farmers


Welcome to Brazilian Farmers, a full English-language resource centre that for the first time provides unique access to the world of Brazilian farming to our colleagues and collaborators around the world! This one-stop portal is a reflection and manifestation of the Brazilian agricultural sector’s spirit of engagement with its global partners and the conversations it wants to have with anyone who is curious or has questions about Brazilian agriculture and farming practices. Through this site users can gain access to the rich world of Brazilian agriculture, with a wealth of resources available. As we launch this site today which is already rich with a wealth of information, we are also continually working to bring more and more English-language content and resources to our international audiences, so do watch this space!

Farming has been at the very heart of Brazil’s story of social and economic development. From providing hope and opportunities for the masses of migrants in the 19th century, to making Brazil nutritionally self-sufficient in the 20th and building the country into the food exporting powerhouse it is today, farming is deep-rooted in the country´s society and psyche.

Over the last decades private and public investments in technology, sustainability and entrepreneurship have revolutionised the concept of farming on tropical lands. Brazil has been a trailblazer in developing and realising the concept of tropical agriculture. A focus on the recovery of unfertile lands, sustainable yield-enhancement techniques, integrated farming practices, and the sustainable management of natural vegetations and the world’s richest biodiversity means we have been able to do more with less: NASA’s 2017 satellite map confirms that all cropland covers only 7.6% of Brazilian territory. Brazil is today one of the most efficient agriculture producers and leading agricultural exporters globally, and a key player in feeding the world. It manages to do so while also applying some of the strictest environmental protection laws for the agricultural sector anywhere in the world.

There is much discover in the fertile world of Brazilian farming.

This website has been developed to bring to life for global audiences the rich stories behind Brazilian farming. The site provides up-to-date information on various aspects of farming in Brazil – from animal welfare and food traceability to sustainable farming and latest developments in terms of production and exports.

Aside from serving as reference data source on the Brazilian agriculture, it will likewise connect another bridge from our farmers to the various stakeholders overseas.

Join us aboard on this journey through the latest state-of-the-art on Brazilian farming.