Brazilian Farmers discuss Sustainability at the II World Forum of Coffee Producers


This week, the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA) participates of the II World Forum of Coffee Producers in Campinas, São Paulo.

The president of the National Coffee Commission, Breno Mesquita, and CNA’s coordinator of Agricultural Production, Maciel Silva, accompany the event that discusses more sustainable paths for global coffee activity.

“Brazil has done a good job throughout history with research, use of new technologies and protection of the environment. But, like in other countries, the pillar of economic sustainability is still critical. Prices below the cost of production are still a weakness in most producer regions, “says Maciel Silva.

During the debate, the main problems affecting the world coffee sector were raised, such as rising costs, low productivity and depressed prices.

Columbia University professor Jefrey Sachs has suggested some solutions that will be debated on Thursday. He also pointed out the challenge of climate change. “The industry is already feeling the hard consequences of climate change. But we must have hope. Coffee can bring countless benefits to the rest of the world,” Sachs said.

This Thursday (11), Brazilian Farmers participate in workshops on “Market as an instrument to protect producers’ income”, “Coffee price formulation: Transparency from seed to cup” and “How to promote and increase consumption”. Stay tuned for more information about those debates.