Brazil’s Cocoa Industry Celebrated for Its Excellence


Now it’s Easter season, a celebration of renewal traditionally marked by indulging in chocolate, not only in Brazil but in many other countries. Brazilian farmers have an additional reason to rejoice: the Cocoa of Excellence Awards, held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, acknowledged the excellence of Brazilian cocoa.

During the biennial event, which gathered 222 samples of cocoa beans from 52 countries, productions from Pará and Bahia states distinguished themselves, securing the top three positions in the ranking. Miriam Federicci Vieira, from Medicilândia (Pará), and Luciano Ramos, from Ilhéus (Bahia), were awarded the gold medal, while Robson Brogni, also from Medicilândia, received the silver medal.

The Executive Commission for Cacao Farming Plan of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAPA) conducted the selection of the winning Brazilian cocoa beans, highlighting the country’s commitment to quality and sustainability in its production. This international recognition not only praises the quality of Brazilian cocoa beans but also consolidates the country’s position as a global leader in this market. With nearly 150 thousand tons produced in 2023, Pará leads the national cocoa production. This distinction stems from joint efforts by producers and research and technical assistance institutions.

The Cocoa of Excellence Awards aims to promote sustainability in cocoa value chains, create business opportunities, and share innovative techniques. The recognition of Brazilian cocoa underscores the country’s devotion to quality and sustainability in cocoa production, crucial values in the chocolate industry.