Brazilian Farmers at the Bonn Climate Change Conference


The Bonn Climate Change Conference represents the heart of debates on solutions to the global environmental challenges we face today. Held annually, the conference gathers negotiators from countries around the world to discuss policies and actions related to tackling climate change. This year, CNA’s Technical Advisor, Amanda Roza, and CNA’s Sustainability Consultant, Rodrigo Lima, are among the participants representing Brazilian Farmers in the roundtables.
The active participation of the National Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA) is crucial for keeping important decisions on the radar, decisions that can be translated into concrete actions. “Several topics presented on the convention’s tentative agenda are directly related to agricultural activity, such as sources of financing, adaptation to climate change, the Joint Work of Sharm El Sheikh—which addresses agriculture within the Paris Agreement—, and the Carbon Market,” explains Amanda.

The Crucial Debate at the Heart of Negotiations
Significant debates marked the conference, revealing the essential role played by this forum in addressing climate change. Among the topics discussed, the Agriculture Group presented three all-encompassing proposals, covering everything from creating a Sharm El Sheikh portal to consolidating agricultural initiatives to defining the themes of the group’s workshops. These proposals reflect the commitment of the parties involved to agricultural sustainability and seek to achieve an essential consensus to forward a decision text at the upcoming COP29.
In addition, other highly relevant issues were addressed, such as adaptation to climate change, the functioning of the carbon market, and the definition of the new climate financing goal. The discussion of these topics reveals the complexity and breadth of the negotiations carried out at the conference, as well as their importance for the development of effective global climate policies.

Preparing the Ground for a Historic COP
Due to COP29 to be held in Azerbaijan and COP30 scheduled for Brazil next year, Brazil must position itself effectively to promote sustainability in the agricultural sector. “Monitoring the meetings in 2024 is also part of the preparation for Brazil’s COP, which will play a crucial role in presenting the solutions that national agriculture provides for achieving climate goals,” explains Lima.

Commitment to the Future and Environmental Conservation
Participation in events like this reinforces CNA’s commitment to the sustainable future of Brazilian agriculture. As highlighted by Amanda Roza: “International negotiations such as the Bonn Climate Change Conference help us adjust our expectations for COP29, which will take place in Azerbaijan by the end of the year. It also aids us evaluate the scenario for COP30, which will take place in Brazil in 2025, and helps us build new policies and adjust existing ones so that we can expand sustainable agricultural practices in the country. We also monitor these meetings to assess the national and international scenario and maintain Brazil’s leadership in the climate agenda.”