Brazil launches hub to support innovation in agriculture and livestock


Innovation lovers now have even more support in Brazil. In October, the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA) launched a project to support innovative initiatives aimed at farmers in the country, the CNA Digital Hub.

With an office in Brasilia, the initiative aims to gather the best ideas. The office is equipped with workstations, meeting rooms, booths for virtual meetings, areas for professional interactions, lectures, idea networking, and a cafeteria.

The project encompasses technological solutions in an accessible format and is adapted to the various realities of Brazilian agriculture. The hub also challenges tech companies in the search for solutions to support farmers.

CNA President, João Martins, said that the speed and dynamism with which technologies reach the farms “make us think about the skills and knowledge required of the farmers of tomorrow.”

The new technology center will interact with other innovative stakeholders, such as universities, research institutes, and national and international organizations. The goal is to bring innovation to all farmers, including small- and medium-sized rural properties. This is why the project works in synergy with the SENAR training platform.

CNA Digital Challenge

The newly launched technology hub has also a mission concerning local tech companies. The challenge is to promote digitalization in the field and solve problems of rural sectors in five areas: connectivity, parametric insurance, animal traceability, carbon market, and e-commerce.

The solutions will be financially backed by CNA, which will also provide training, contact with experts, events, and access to the market. Each challenge will have a specialist mentor to assist the companies.