Brazil has the best olive oil in the Southern Hemisphere


The best olive oil produced in the Southern Hemisphere is Brazilian. The oil, produced on the Serra dos Tapes Farm, was acknowledged by the Mario Solinas Quality Awards, an unprecedented achievement for the country.

The award is an initiative of the International Olive Oil Council (IOC) since 2000 and is considered the most significant in the sector. The award ceremony will be held on June 23 in Madrid, Spain.

The oil

The award-winning oil is the Potenza Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a fruity blend created by Cláudia Santos, an olive oil sommelier and Mill Master at the Serra dos Tapes Farm. The oil has a maximum acidity of 0.014% and is prepared with the Arbequina, Coratina, and Frantoio olive varieties.

Cláudia Santos explains that the oil is ideal for seasoning risottos, white meats, cheeses, mild sauces, salads, seafood, and even desserts. The fruity version also harmonizes with foods served with white, rosé, and sparkling wines.

“‘Potenza’ was the word chosen to reinforce the transition in the Brazilian consumer’s palate. We were used to consuming olive oils of old vintages and, consequently, lacking intensity. Now the public begins to know the potency of young and extra virgin olive oils, produced in the same year. This change has the fruity and intense blends as protagonists,” says Cláudia.

She is honored with the award: “This is an achievement not only for the Serra dos Tapes Farm but for producers all over Brazil. Our goal has always been to offer consumers a high-quality, cost-effective product, accelerating consumers’ entry into the world of olive oils. This award comes to reinforce and reward our commitment,” she says.

Renato Fernandes, President of the Brazilian Olive Growing Institute (IBRAOLIVA), also celebrates the award. For him, the distinction consolidates Brazil as a producer of quality extra virgin olive oil. “We have achieved the level of international acknowledgment. From now on, the international market’s doors are open to Brazilian producers,” he reinforces.

The Potenza line also has the “Intense” version, produced with Picual, Koroneiki, and Frantoio, with a maximum acidity of 0.017%. The product is ideal for seasoning grilled vegetables, bread, salads, meats, and pasta. Following the reference of consumption similar to wine created by Cláudia Santos, Potenza “Intense” can be consumed with dishes served with red wines.

The farm

With 210 hectares, the Serra dos Tapes Farm produces the Potenza and Pecora Nera lines of extra virgin olive oils. Located in the city of Canguçu, in Rio Grande do Sul state, the farm occupies a strategic area for olive tree cultivation, a region that presents ideal conditions of temperature and sunlight.

In the 2023 harvest, the Serra dos Tapes Mill processed about 1 ton of fruit, resulting in more than 100 thousand liters of olive oil, with the farm’s olive groves accounting for 40% of this volume.

Open to visitors, the Serra dos Tapes Farm is part of Serra dos Tapes’ Route of the Olive Groves and offers a complete immersion experience in the millennial culture of olive oil, with a privileged view, facilities designed for total comfort and safety, and a mill with state-of-the-art equipment.