Brazil Expands Meat Exports in the Chinese Market


Brazilian farmers are celebrating a significant achievement on the international stage: the opening of 38 new Brazilian meatpacking plants for export to the Chinese market. This decision by the Chinese government represents an unprecedented opportunity for the Brazilian agricultural sector, with the number of qualified premises increasing from 106 to 144, offering vast prospects for bilateral trade.

Among the newly qualified premises are 24 beef processing plants, eight chicken processing plants, and cold storage facilities and a producer of thermo-processed beef. All this marks the first time a Brazilian company has been allowed to export thermo-processed beef since the signing of the Sanitary Protocol in 2019, showing the evolution and diversification of the Brazilian meat market.

With China emerging as the main destination for Brazilian meat exports, accounting for approximately 37% of total exports in 2023, this decision is a significant milestone for Brazilian farmers. It demonstrates the recognized quality of Brazilian meat and the reliability of the country’s sanitary control systems.

Brazilian farmers, with a vision for the future, reaffirm their commitment to quality and excellence in meat production. They are ready to explore further opportunities and tackle the challenges of the global market, thus contributing to the continued growth and thriving of the agricultural sector.

Source: The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAPA)