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For more women in agribusiness and foreign trade

The Brazilian agricultural and livestock sector was responsible for 25% of the country’s GDP in 2022, but how much of such a large sector is led by women’s hands? Understanding the reality of women’s work in agriculture and cattle raising is essential to increase women’s participation in the sector and promote gender equality. The issue […]



Brazilian Farmers promote an international business round table at Women in Agriculture Congress

The Brazilian Confederations of Agriculture and Livestock, CNA in Portuguese, promoted on Tuesday (8), during the 4th National Congress of Women in Agriculture, in São Paulo, the International Business Round table, a meeting between exporters of food and producers of specialty coffees and fruits. According to Thiago Masson, CNA’s International Relations advisor, the initiative is […]



Brazilian Farmers Hosts Debate of Women Acting in International Trade

The panel was promoted by Women Inside Trade (WIT) Women Inside Trade (WIT), a discussion forum for women engaged in international trade, promoted the panel “Trade Opening and New Perspectives for International Insertion in Brazil” at the Brazilian farmers’ home in Brasilia. The meeting, which takes place in the week of International Women’s Day, focused […]