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The Brazilian cocoa path to Swiss chocolate

Brazilian cocoa farmers have taken an important step into the international market. In March, Coopercabruca, a cooperative in Bahia state, in the country’s Northeast Region, exported another batch of cocoa liquor. The product is a key ingredient of Swiss chocolate, globally known for its high quality. The shipment was of half a ton of cocoa […]

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Northern Brazil cocoa grows with training for farmers

Pará, a state in the north of Brazil, has been the largest cocoa producer in the country for two years. According to the most recent survey by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), the region produces more than 144,200 tons of cocoa in 149.7 hectares. The statistics show the cocoa sector’s importance for […]

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7 things you should know about Brazilian cocoa

There is much more to Brazilian chocolate than its classic ingredients. The mixture of cocoa paste, cocoa butter, and sugar might also reflect sustainable production, technology, quality, biodiversity, and development of rural communities. This is the case of cocoa from southern Bahia state, gaining popularity in recent years. “Quality production improves family income in the […]