Record Exports Drive Brazilian Agribusiness in 2024 First Quarter


During this year’s first three months, Brazilian agribusiness exports achieved a historic milestone, reaching an impressive US$ 37.44 billion. This figure represents an increase of almost 4.4% compared to the same period in 2023.

Both worth and volume increased, with a significant growth of 14.6% in the amounts shipped. Despite falling commodity prices, the sector’s resilience was evident, compensating for this decline and strengthening our presence in international markets.

Brazilian agribusiness continues to be a driver of the economy, accounting for nearly half of the country’s total exports during the period and consolidating its position as one of the main pillars of our trade balance. The results speak for themselves, too: sugar, cotton, and green coffee stand out as keys to this success, driving our external sales.

Despite the challenges, March 2024 did not escape the brilliance of Brazilian agribusiness. Even with a 10.8% reduction compared to March 2023, exports reached US$ 14.21 billion. The drop in international food prices may have influenced this scenario, but the diversity and quality of Brazilian products continue to attract attention worldwide.

Key sectors such as the soybean complex, different types of meat, the sugarcane-alcohol complex, forestry products, and coffee maintained their relevance, representing the essence and strength of Brazilian agribusiness. Also, despite changes in consumption patterns and market fluctuations, China remains a strategic partner, leading imports of our agribusiness products.

The success of Brazilian agribusiness exports is not only an economic achievement but also a reflection of the devotion and excellence of our rural producers. In every coffee bean, in every strand of cotton, in every ton of sugar lies the history and pride of Brazilian agro, which continues to feed the world with its quality and passion for the land.

Source: MAPA – Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply of Brazil