From Pacajus to the World: Suprema Caju’s Cashew Export with Agro.BR Support


Founded in 2008 and located in the traditional region of Pacajus in Ceará state, Suprema Caju is the result of George Marques’ entrepreneurship and his family’s tradition of more than 50 years in cashew growing. The company stands out for producing high-quality cashew nuts, using processes that ensure flavor and excellence. From planting to processing, every production stage is carefully planned, and the cashews are vacuum-packed with an inert gas blend to preserve them for up to 24 months.

Sustainability and Innovation
Committed to the best Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices, Suprema Caju follows the sustainability tripod: it is economically viable, environmentally correct, and socially fair. The company recycles water, manages waste, and supports local cooperatives, significantly aiding job and income creation in the community.
Continuously investing in expansion, Suprema Caju is increasing its production capacity and developing new plant-based product lines, using cashew nuts as its main raw material.

A New Horizon with Agro.BR
In recent years, Suprema Caju has implemented an expansion plan to strengthen its presence in domestic and international markets. With internationalization integrated into its strategic planning, support from Agro.BR, a project developed by the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA), has become crucial. Agro.BR aims to organize and boost the number of Brazilian rural entrepreneurs in international trade, diversifying the product list of the country’s exports. For Suprema Caju, Agro.BR was essential in providing support for its first indirect export, assisting in areas such as tax information (CFOP and issuance of NF), palletization, logistics (booking request), and customs procedures. This partnership was essential for the company to understand the scenario and perform its initial export efficiently and effectively.
The experience gained from indirect export has equipped the Suprema Caju team with practical knowledge of export procedures. The company currently negotiates with international clients and plans to start direct exports soon.
Success stories like Suprema Caju’s show how Agro.BR plays a significant role in supporting Brazilian producers, easing access to international markets, and providing specialized knowledge in foreign trade. Initiatives like these are crucial for Brazilian farmers to expand their global presence, promoting not only economic growth but also the appreciation of sustainable and innovative practices.