Macedonia and Brazil seek greater cooperation in agriculture

The Macedonian Ambassador to Brazil, Mr. Ivica Bocevski, and the President of the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA), Mr. Joao Martins, met in Brasilia to discuss cooperation opportunities between the two countries in the agricultural sector. It was the first official visit of the Ambassador to the house of Brazilian farmers and agriculture. […]


American and Japanese Students Learn About Brazilian Agriculture and Farmers’ Representation

Brasilia (01/30/2019) – A group of undergraduate exchange students from the universities of Tsukuba and Tokyo (Japan), Ohio State University (United States), and the University of Sao Paulo’s Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture (Esalq) visited the headquarters of the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA), home of the Brazilian farmers. Students from Japan, […]


Brazil’s agriculture continuous development: the first hundred billion in exports

The year of 2018 ended with excellent news for the Brazilian agricultural sector. For the first time in history exports surpassed US$ 100 billion, reflecting the economic strength and productive potential of the country’s agriculture. 2018 was also a year marked by complex challenges faced by the sector, such as the nationwide truck drivers’ strike, […]


How smart farming is helping Brazil feed the world

Brazilian farmers supply 23% of the world’s cattle. In the past, water scarcity has made it difficult to meet growing demand. But the sustainable recovery of degraded pastures and the implementation of Integrated Crop-Livestock-Forest Production System (ICLFS) have made the soil healthier, increasing yields while preventing soil’s exhaustion from one single product. Thanks to this […]


Success stories

FARMER TRAINING Success stories​ Higher yields in times of drought Marcos Antônio Duarte Madeiro from Jacaré dos Homens (Alagoas) The life of Marcos, a sixty-year-old farmer from Jacaré dos Homens in Alagoas, took on a new dimension in 2016 after he took part in the More Pasture Programme (Programa Mais Pasto). Marcos describes the course […]


A closer look at four of SENAR’s flagship training programmes

FARMER TRAINING A closer look at four of SENAR’sflagship training programmes Special programme ABC Cerrado Together with the agriculture ministry (MAPA) and Brazil’s agriculture research centre (Embrapa), Senar has developed the ABC Cerrado project to disseminate low-carbon farming practices and incentivise farmers and rural producers to invest in environmental preservation in the Cerrado, while receiving […]


Social & economic development

The sustainable growth of Brazilian agriculture is a key driver of the social and economic development of the country that has lifted 40m people into the middle class in the past 10 years and ensuring that the population has access to quality, reasonably-priced food. Indeed, food household consumption was the category that saw the single […]


Our sustainable low-carbon farming

Brazil is a world leader in developing and promoting sustainable farming practices across its agricultural sector. A major focus of Brazil’s approach to sustainable farming has been to do more with what we have, which we are achieving through the sustainable increase of productivity and yields, the regeneration and restoration of degraded pastures, and the […]


Our responsible livestock farming

Animal welfare, quality, and traceability are the basis of Brazilian livestock farming. These values are essential to the country’s economy and to the reliability of our meat, which is known worldwide. Brazil is currently one of the world’s leading exporters of meat products, and the biggest exporter of poultry and beef. We strictly apply the […]


Our unique tropical agriculture

Brazil has developed a unique concept of tropical agriculture. Forty-plus years of investment in research and development (R&D) led us to significant scientific and technological breakthroughs that allowed Brazilian farmers to produce food in harmony with local tropical conditions. Brazil is also a country with abundant natural resources of land, sunshine, and water; nevertheless, over […]


Welcome to Brazilian Farmers

Welcome to Brazilian Farmers, a full English-language resource centre that for the first time provides unique access to the world of Brazilian farming to our colleagues and collaborators around the world! This one-stop portal is a reflection and manifestation of the Brazilian agricultural sector’s spirit of engagement with its global partners and the conversations it […]


Portfólio de serviços do sistema CNA-SENAR-ICNA

The International Cooperation Portfolio of the CNA-SENAR-ICNA system, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, offers solutions in technical and managerial assistance, professional and technical training, as well as the promotion of gender equality and quality of life in rural areas. Other languages are available here.